The Effects Of Smoking To The Health Of Women

For the reason that it is not only men who adapts the habit of smoking cigarettes, the bad effects of smoking does not exempt women too. There are also remarkable damages that cigarette smoking brings about to the health of women and their offspring. Women who smoke are likely to experience difficulty and delay in conceiving and infertility. It is also believed that dysmenorrhea is suffered in a harder way by women who smoke than those who do not.


Correspondingly, women who smoke get to menopause early. They are also at risk of premature rupture of membranes, placenta previa, abruption placentae and premature delivery when they get pregnant. Pregnant women who do not quit smoking will likely to deliver babies that are underweight by roughly 250g lower or relatively small for gestational age than the normal weight of newborn babies borne from non-smoker mothers. Stillbirths and neonatal deaths are also at higher risk. In addition, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome or SIDS is also greater among women children of pregnant smokers. Also, breastfeeding does not last long, produce less milk or does not develop at all for women who smoke during pregnancy.

Women who smoke like men also suffer in cardiovascular diseases such as coronary heart diseases, stroke and hemorrhage. They are also prone to Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Diseases such as chronic bronchitis, emphysema and pneumonia. Moreover, women who smoke cannot escape the threat of cancer particularly lung cancer. They are also at risk of cancers of the pharynx, larynx, bladder, pharynx, larynx, bladder, kidney and cervix.

Smoking also affects people around you especially your family through secondhand smoking. Children of mothers who smoke are likely to get sick often. They are at risk for pneumonia and bronchitis even if they do not smoke. Secondhand smoking also initiates asthma attacks. Kids who have not been diagnosed with asthma are more likely to acquire the disease and children with acute asthma are likely to suffer worsen conditions. They are also prone to infections in the ears. Children with parents who smoke are to suffer respiratory failure symptoms and slow lung growth.


Smoking does not only affect the smoker. It can also cause death to people around. If all the negative effects to one’s self does not fear and convinced the smoker to quit smoking, then the dangers of smoking to the health of loved ones should be of important matter to them, most especially to women who are mothers and wife to nonsmokers who get to be affected with the vice.


Bad Habits Aren’t Bad And Exist As A Way To Cope

Seek out the REAL problem underneath your habit while eradicating your bad habits as well.

Obviously the case with habits are rather simple. A habit is a ritual in which we perform most often externally as a result of an emotional problem we are suffering from internally.

You should start to think of your bad habit as a clue or friend who’s trying to tell you or help you cope with another problem that you probably are not aware of—such as anxiousness over a situation. If you suffer from a bad habit you are probably suffering from an emotional moment that leads you to act out your bad habit in which to cope.


It is no wonder the majority of us have at least one bad habit. It is now the norm to find most of us living unhappy existences, being forced under stressful circumstances day after day and settling for it.

We are literally beginning to unravel at this seams and it’s starting to show.

Bad habits are only another arrow pointing to most of us unfolding under this pressure of an abnormal society with a bad approach toward the goal of happiness.

With many of us bad habits are not only a sign that our emotions are unbalanced in some way but perhaps also our lives.

It may be time to evaluate your life along with your bad habit. What about your life is leading you to this anxiousness? Is it just a situation or your life in its entirety?

Bad habits can be cured, but it’s the underlying problem that is also essential if not more.

Sometimes it’s not only certain circumstances that lead to bad habits… but one’s entire life. Many smokers believe that their bad habits are a form of their life style and cannot be changed. That is why it is so hard for smokers to quit. Many have taken up electronic cigarettes as a last resort. (See for more info about this)

Just as we are always told to be careful about what friends we choose we should use the same formula for our surroundings, jobs, etc.

It’s important to ask yourself if these things are toxic or healthy to you. All it requires are two questions concerning each choice you make in life…

  • Is it medicine?
  • Or is it poison? To me?

And then stop settling for poison when you need medicine. There are situations in which we have no choice, and that’s to be understood. But they should only be allowed to be temporary and not made into something we settle for on a more permanent basis.

Look at these situations as a bridge and not as a landmark.

It’s time to get back to the basics like a child would. Do something that only makes you happy. Kids don’t mess with things that make them unhappy. They give a simple yes or no to it. And if it’s no that’s where that thing in their life stands.

If they don’t like playing with dolls… they don’t play with them.


Put your approach toward life back in it’s place. And it’s true, most likely you won’t find the world agreeing with you because the majority of the world is convinced a backwards approach is good for you and them. Because it produces results that “look” good on the surface.

It’s a typical thing nowadays to see that we think the wrong thing is right for us and the right thing is wrong for us these days.

In which we view the good thing as bad and the bad thing as good.

Bad habits are not bad… not really…

in the end you’ll find them to be good friends that often tell us that some things aren’t doing us any good. Or that something is making us feel terribly bad.

You can start breaking a bad habit with The Habit Buster. It’s a quick little chapbook under 20 pages that helps you get started on breaking your habit right away.

Or try a more thorough approach to break a bad habit that is equally effective if not more… The Habit Change Workbook: How to Break Bad Habits and Form Good Ones, but your habit isn’t the real problem… other things in your life that lead you to this approach toward coping evidently need to be fixed as well.

In life we neglect what we need and compensate it with something that’s less satisfying because it feels safer. Allowing this approach toward life to become a habit can lead to a plate full of regrets. The key is to stop feeding yourself carrots when you want carrot cake. If you don’t, your hunger and thirst will never be fully quenched.