It cannot be debated nor denied that clean water is very important to our lives. It is one of the main factors why we still continue to live. If we are about to list all the important uses and benefits of clean water, then it would be a very long list. So, let us take note of some important benefits that clean water brings about not just into our lives but in the society in general.

African Children Drinking Water

Clean water reduces death and disease. There are several serious illnesses that are associated with unsafe water and having clean water can avoid having these diseases and can seriously save lives. Clean water develops proper hygiene and sanitation. Not every people have access to safe water and these people are very prone to getting water-related illnesses that may lead to deaths. Clean water is needed for household and personal tasks like drinking, cooking and cleaning. Clean water can help in producing healthy and safe food. The agricultural sector needs water for their produce. With the growing of population around the globe, it is very important to support the agricultural division because they are the main sources of our food.

Clean and safe water can help in supporting the children especially the schooling ones. Unsafe water causes malnutrition, illnesses and even deaths that will forbid in children in going to school. Also, in some rural areas where clean water is not very accessible, children are forced to skip school to fetch water in distant places. Unsafe water is barrier to children’s right to proper education and better health. Clean water protects biodiversity. Water is not just essential to human beings but to all living things including plants and animals. Clean water guards animals and their habitats. It also protects plants and helps them grow healthy. Clean water supplies water to community services like firefighting, recreational parks, public drinking fountains and other public institutions and infrastructures.


Schools, museums, churches and public offices use water to provide great excellent services to people. Even commercial, industrial and manufacturing sectors need clean water to offer their businesses, products and services to consumer. Clean water also can improve underprivileged communities. Safe water helps the society develop and maximize their capacity to provide their people the best of life. It can give adequate jobs and resources to its people and improve their way of living. A safe and clean water means a good quality of life.